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Frequently asked Questions and Answers for Everest Base Camp Trekking

What is the success rate for your     trips?
We have 95% success rate for Everest Base Camp.

Can I get single supplement services in Kathmandu and during trekking? What will be the extra cost?

Yes single supplement services are available. You should have to inform us during booking time. The cost is USD 400 per person.

How can I pack my luggage? How much I can carry in the flight? Where to store the extra things in Kathmandu?

First separate the things that you need during trekking and pack it in your duffle bag. Your duffle bag will carried by your porter. Keep your valuable things in your day pack such as wallet, passport, camera, cell phone, money etc which you will carry during the entire trek. Extra things which are not necessary during trekking will be stored in your hotel safely at Kathmandu. The maximum weight limit on flight to Lukla is 15 kg including your hand bag.

In case of bad weather if flight is cancelled what will be the alternatives?

In such situation we will try the possible flight on next day or try the chopper flight to Lukla. All the flight ticket cost will be refunded if you take a Helicopter flight, which is at your cost.

What sort of food can I expect in trekking? Can I get vegetarian food?

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available, but we highly recommend you to have vegetarian food which is more healthy and hygienic. Various continental items are available and you can choose it from the menu. Consult with your guide before ordering the meal, they will suggest you the best.

Can I order my food or fixed menu?

Yes, you can order as per your interest, you may not know the quantity of the dishes so better to consult your guide before placing the order.

Can I get hot lunch or packed?
You can get hot lunch every day.

What about Drinking water? And where can I get it?

We will provide water purification chlorine drops to purify your water. Your guide will assist you to fill the water bottle. You have to pay extra if you want to pay hot boiled water.

Is hot shower available on the way?

Bucket of hot water will be provided if you want to take shower. You can take shower in Phakding and Namche while going up. We don’t recommend you to take shower in high altitude, above Namche bazaar while going up. You should have to pay extra for your shower, which is around $3 for each shower.

Do I need to carry toilet paper myself?
Toilet paper may not be available in every stop, that’s why we strongly suggest you to carry your own.

How many miles have to walk in entire trek?
You will cover 60 miles / 100km from Lukla to Lukla

What about if my pace is slower than other trekkers?
There will be always some assistant guide with you who can walk in your own pace.

How can I communicate with my friends and family?

Let us know if you need local sim card for your cell phone when you are in Kathmandu, we will manage it for you. Cell phone covers almost all the way to Base Camp. You can also insert data services in your sim card.

Can I charge my cell phone and camera on the way?

Most of the place the power source is solar, so the charging ports are only available on the lobby of the tea house. They will charge you (money) while recharging your devices. Better to consult your guide before charging the devices

How much extra money required?

We kindly suggest you to bring around USD 500 as extra money. You need extra money to tips, to buy some souvenirs, to use internet services and also for your shower and charging your devices.

Are there bank on the way? Or can I use my credit card during trekking?

There is a bank in Namche Bazar which you can use. But we suggest you to bring extra money from Kathmandu. Credit card is not accepted on the way. For extra services beyond the package cost you need to pay by cash.

When and how to tip guide and porter?

You can tip guide and porter at the end of trek in Lukla. Collect the amount from all the trekkers, better to tip by the group rather than individually.

What will be the minimum amount of that guide and porter expect as tip?
You can tip guide minimum USD 150 and porter USD 100 in total.