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" I have enjoyed my treks with you immensely and i realise it more today than yesterday, as i am now thinking of going to Elbrus and believe it Mala that i don't want to do it without you. That is how much i have started looking up to you. You inspire, motivate and also give a lot of comfort and security just by being around. "

( Mandeep Chug…. member on EBC Trek & Stok Kangri. )

"Seems like a dream still 😄. Biggest Thank You to Mala Honnatti Ma'am for making this happen which I had never even thought of. Thank you all of you ! you made it memorable and got new friends😄."

 ( Annapurna Sharma.....member on 2 treks )

"The verdict is out, I've gained 1.5 kg on this trek. Who would believe that I actually trekked over 4 hours everyday on average and still could gain weight. Gulshan was so generous with his serving that I overate at every meal. Thanks Mala for organising this trek. Great thought process, right from picking a great team in Hemant and Gulshan to ensuring we didn't have to carry our ruck sacks. Identifying the best places to stay at in Manali and ensuring everyone's last minute change of plans were served well. Three cheers to all trekkers and the organising team"

 ( Sukh Mishra......member on 2 treks )